Pugs, Babies and Snow – Oh My!

Hey Folks!

So, one thing I didn’t mention in my first February post is that….welp…I’m pregnant!  We were still waiting to tell family, so I was keeping it a secret.  I am currently 14 weeks – and in my 2nd Trimester!  Woot woot.  Our due date is August 18th.  I apologize in advance if this blog becomes kind of prego-centric for the next 6 months…but thems da breaks!

Baby Announcement

The first several months were no bueno.  I felt nauseous pretty much every day and NOTHING sounded good to eat.  Lately, it has been so much better.  This all explains why my holidays were extra intense!  I was tired and feeling gross. :(  Plus, no holiday beverages for me.  LAME.  This also explains why we decided to get another pug – I blame Ryan for this idea mostly.  He was worried that Willy would get lonely after we introduced a baby in the family, so he wanted him to have a playmate.  Overall, I am glad we got Felix, but man!  I really want to move into a bigger place now, preferable with some sort of a backyard so I don’t have to walk both dogs twice a day.  I like the exercise, but I know further down the road it’s going to get extra tough. Our lease is up in June of this year, so we have already started looking elsewhere for other options.

So, that’s where I am at folks.

In other news – it SNOWED today here in Tucson.  What?  Yes.  First time I have seen this much snow in Southern Arizona in years!  Pretty cool stuff.  I went out and took pictures.  Sorry bout the quality – iphonez.

Snow 2.20

Anywho!  That’s the update for now – more interesting posts to come – maybe even a baby bump in a few weeks. :)


2 thoughts on “Pugs, Babies and Snow – Oh My!

  1. I remember when it snowed in Mesa and how crazy that was. Pretty nuts!

    I am so excited for you and the doctor. You are going to be such a good mom and I can’t wait to meet the little scrapper!

    • I know – crazy thing is it is STILL snowing. It’s just so weird to see snow on top of cacti. Lol. Thanks friend, I can’t wait to see you period! I haven’t ruled out trying to make a trip out there before the baby, but it may be a bit more difficult. We can keep our fingers crossed!

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