26 Weeks


So, it’s been ANOTHER 4 weeks since my last update.  Man, has a lot changed since.  Not only do I need maternity stuff now, but I have gained about 10 pounds since last time.  Woot woot.  The little babe inside me is kicking all the time and she is getting bigger by the day!

Here is a fun little comparison since last time:

This will be the last picture taken in our apt - moving next week!

This will be the last picture taken in our current place – the next one will be in our new house!

We are moving into our new place next week and I feel like then I can finally start working on the nursery. We have our crib and mattress but they need to be set up so we are waiting until we move since they are boxed up nicely right now. I can’t wait to have more space in our next rental! An extra bedroom and a backyard…yes!!

Felix is happy.

It is getting HAWT in AZ – highs in the 90s. Ewwww. Not fun being pregnant when it is so darn hot out. I try to spend my time (when I am not working from home) doing fun things like painting my nails. Here is the latest experiment:

Mint Nails

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet and polka dots in Essie Blanc

I finally sent out my Baby Shower invites – it will be on June 15th! I am so excited to celebrate with friends and family. I registered at Babies’R'Us – man, baby stuff is so expensive!! I registered for a few big items like a stroller/car seat combo, an electric breast pump (sister’s recommendation), a travel crib/play-yard, and a monitor – as well as tons of little things that Ryan helped me register for.  Fun! Ryan and I are so excited to get situated in our new place so we can really start putting together the nursery and preparing.  Speaking of preparing, we have our first “Prepared Childbirth” class this Saturday – it should be interesting. I am mostly excited about touring the birthing center.

Welp, that’s about it for now – off to packing!  I will try to post an update after we move.