MAC Haul August 2012

What’s up peeps?  So I have been working on doing a MAC Makeup “Haul” because I went there last week to pick up a few things.  The main item I went there for was to get a new Pro Palette for my eyeshadows that I spent an entire evening “depotting”.  It was a pain in my arse – but now I have them all in one easy access palette. Yay!  I don’t typically buy this much stuff when I go there – but I also took advantage of their Back 2 MAC program where you turn in 6 empty MAC containers/bottles and you get: a free lipstick, palette eyeshadow (pro palette doesn’t count), or a lipglass.  I chose to get a lipstick.  I was also excited about the Cleanse Off Oil because I have been struggling to find a face wash that removes all the makeup/dirt/grime in one go.  Now I use the Cleanse Off Oil in combo with my other favorite face wash – Philosophy’s Purity.  Good times.

MAC Cleanse off oil – in Tranquil. I love this stuff, it dissolves your makeup and then you rinse it off!

Here is a picture of my beautiful new Pro Palette – complete with the three new shades -

Blanc Type (top left), Shale (Far right, middle) and Naked Lunch (bottom left)

And the lipsticks….From left to right: Viva Glam V, Bombshell and Ravishing

The swatches….from left to right: Viva Glam V, Ravishing and Bombshell

Welp, that’s all for now folks. Hope my video didn’t bore you too much (lots of “umms” – sorry bout that!).  More stuff with Willy in it to come!

Take care!

- Krys

A lazy Labor Day weekend

It is a rare day when my husband has time off.  It is even more rare if he has a 3-day weekend off!  This weekend just so happens to be one of those rare ones….lucky for me.  :)  Unfortunately for me, he is sick.  I am also starting to feel a little sick myself – Lame!

So, in honor of it being a 3 day weekend, this is what I am going to do today – in no particular order:

  • Update my blog (yes, that is now!)
  • Play some Star Ocean on my xbox 360 (nerd alert! IGN Review Here)
  • Go to Target (although I may decide to put this off until tomorrow)
  • Take a nap
  • Read my book (“The Name of the Wind”) – I will post a review on it when I finish!
  • Take care of my sick husband – this isn’t last on my list because I don’t want to do it…it’s an all day activity!
  • Make dinner – perhaps veggie burgers?
  • Sleep?

This is how Willy chooses to spend his weekend

That is all for now – I will be posting something more interesting later – I promise!